Psyterratica I + II

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Both pieces are inspired by the counter-culture references of the sixties, and reformated into present day. One machine scratches away at the wall as if to break through the barriers, echoing dreams of artists and designers from the era.
The other shows an image where a lightbox highlights different layers; describing our nearing environmental dystopia inviting viewers to contemplate these notions today. Both objects are representations of new types of mental states that emerge from contemporary human-landscape emotions.

With illustrations by Laura Nasir-Tamara

Psyterratica 1 The futile nature of the machine’s scratching aims to evoke a sense of despair, but also a revisit to the breaking of boundaries and barriers inspired by the design of sixties counter-culture movement. As the wearing away of the wall continues, new layers are revealed.

Psyterratica II is a revisitation of the Ultimate Painting; a piece created by commune members of Drop City as part of the exploration of counter culture movements.

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©2017   Deborah Tchoudjinoff