Plumial Space as part of the Fashion Space Gallery Design Residency, 2018
Interactive installation, 3d print, fabric
With support from award-winning media agency Holition, with special thanks to Sam Conran, Raphael Kim, the design residency team
Photographs by Katy Davies
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Advancements in biotechnology are providing us with a new perspective on what it is to be human - that we are in fact an ecosystem made up of trillions of micro-organisms which live within and on our bodies. Not only that, they extend beyond our skin forming invisible clouds of microbes, called microbial plumes.

The microbial plume is unique to each of us. As we interact with our surroundings, we leave behind parts of it, making it possible to trace it back to each person’s unique identity, where we have been, who we have been with, and our microbial make up.


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