Ovoo, The City of Gold2022 as part of the group show The Comrades They Were Brave - We Salute You! at 44 Great Russell Street, London. Curated by Cecilia Sjoholm with participating artists Garth Gratrix, Hatty Buchanan, Iain Hales, Jillian Knipe, and Laura Moreton-Griffiths.
Found materials (newspaper, rope, twine, fabric), plaster, gold leaf, steel tube, printed fabric, and 360 Moving Image (watch here).
Photographs by David Goymer.

Watch the video of the Artists in Dialogue chaired by Morgan Quaintance.

For this exhibition I created an ovoo, each hand-made element of the sculpture is a contemplative act of resistance. Referencing Mongolian practices of delineating sacred spaces the ovoo revisits her past work but also plays in part to a larger text work called Amasia, a speculation on a farfuture supercontinent told through different cities. Using mixed media such as digital and physical artefacts, I will give material form to one of the cities – the City of Gold – to ponder a world where all land masses shift to create one continent no longer able to provide mined gold. The work questions the role of borders and the immediate material, social, and political influences of the border’s geographical context. The city is inspired by the places that I have travelled through, while landmarks are given fictional Mongolian names. The City of Gold is one part in a continuation of a larger body of work within my practice – giving urgent attention to a lesser-known Mongol futurism in the context of anthropogenic change.


©2022 Deborah Tchoudjinoff