Five Heads (Tavan Tolgoi) Art, Anthropology and Mongolian Futurism group exhibition, 2017 - 2018
Curated by Hermione Spriggs
Toolkit for an Art-Anthropology Exchange, Tavan Tolgoi - Part 1
Exhibited at UCL Anthropology Department Foyer

The ‘Tavan Tolgoi’ exhibition and exchange brings together the work of five anthropologists and five artists researching and responding to the dramatic rise and fall of Mongolia’s economy, its dependency on China and the wider global commodity super-cycle.The title refers to Mongolia’s largest coal mine, composed of five coal-rich mounds or ‘heads’ that lend the mine its name.  
The exhibition maps an exchange of materials and perspectives extracted and mobilised between the geosphere and human culture, and between anthropology and art in Mongolia and London.

For this exhibition I collaborated with anthropologist Lauren Bonilla to create work that responds to her research around extractive atmospheres as seen in mining communities. The ecosystem between landscape, people, environmental change resulted in the piece Baigala I

A collaboration with anthropologist Lauren Bonilla, curated by Hermione Spriggs, and supported by the European Research Council-funded Emerging Subjects project based at University College London, read the blog here.


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