Beneath the Surface II, 2017
Video, printed illustration, AR, modified wooden crate
Exhibited at Space Studios, London as part of the London Creative Network showcase

The Mongolian word Baigala “is best understood as a complex interactive field comprised of being (humans, animals), object (mountains, trees, rocks, grasses), and forces (weather) that are governed by beings akin to spirits (Humphrey and Sneath, 1999, 2) - by Lauren Bonilla

Beneath the Surface II is a work-in-progress piece which responds to writing and objects provided by UCL anthropologist Lauren Bonilla. Lauren’s field research and work in Western Mongolia has a focus on extractive atmospheres. The piece seen here is an illustrative interpretation of experiential moments in my recent trip to western Mongolia, as well as concepts pulled from the research and discussion with Lauren. Read more about the project Toolkit for an Art-Anthropology Exchange, Tavan Tolgoi - Part 1. 


©2017 Deborah Tchoudjinoff