Baigala II, 2019
Plywood, VR, Felt
Exhibited at V+A Museum, and Slade School of Fine Art

The Mongolian word Baigala “is best understood as a complex interactive field comprised of being (humans, animals), object (mountains, trees, rocks, grasses), and forces (weather) that are governed by beings akin to spirits (Humphrey and Sneath, 1999, 2) - by Lauren Bonilla

Baigala II  is a VR installation that transports participants to remote areas in Mongolia. Viewers explore and move between two scenes; an afternoon visit to a family’s yurt and to a site by a lake (Tsoohor Lake) allegedly known for gold mining. The scene at the lake is rendered to capture elements of psychedelic tropes (bright, multicoloured) which intends to explore new spiritual aesthetics that might emerge from new environmental and ecological narratives. Audience enters a wood and felt structure that is inspired by the design of a traditional Mongolian ‘ger’, giving a physical contextualising before becoming immersed in the 360 films.
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