Dreams of a Nature Machine

The Source Family commune founded by Father YOD started in the late 1960’s in Los Angeles. One of the members of the commune, father whom was the guitarist for ‘Savage Sons of Yahowa’, gave birth to Banihart Obitea. Banihart spent most of his childhood around the members of the Source Family. After the death of Father YOD, a sub-commune of the Source Family moved to Drop City.
Very much influenced by the cultural psyche of the time, Banihart imagined the tarmac roads winding through landscapes retaken by nature. He experimented with images, texts, and drafts of what this machine might look like. Perhaps there will come a day when cars are obsolete, and the value of abandoned highways will be reclaimed by alternative communes. 

The prints displayed are experiments by Baniharts’, some that show futuristic visions of the atmospheric change from a satellite viewpoint, or imagined nature.
The display here shows a model replica of one of Banihart’s illustrations, originally entitled ‘A moment where growth happens again on a sliced view’, a machine that takes away tarmac roads and leaves a trail of new material.

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©2017 Deborah Tchoudjinoff